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Welcome to my page!

My name is Rance, and I have been in professional services firm for more than a decade. In my years of audit and advisory experience, I always put my A-game to the next level so I would reap more benefits of my hardwork. There was one problem: I experienced burnout, which led to low levels of motivation at some point and even doubted my own self-worth. I even faced more life challenges when we hit the pandemic.

You may be wondering what you are doing here or how you even reached this landing page. Well, you found me now, and it's amazing to think there could be a similar experience of yours when you did something great in your life, experienced some hiccups on your way, and now you're stuck due to your personal circumstances.

You want to reach for a star that will propel you to gain more financial freedom, live and enjoy every moment, make a stronger connection with others, or travel locally or across the globe. If this is you, then you just found me lurking on the web and looking for the community where I belong -  strivers who do not stop from setting a big goal for themselves and for others. That's when we start creating and building through teaching, mentoring and coaching others. 


"His personalised and unorthodox way of coaching is a life-changing experience. Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming, it rewired my way of thinking to go after my dreams that I did not have because of self-doubt. I gained my confidence and started taking leadership roles, increasing my network, and even getting my job to the next level. "

Thomas Padua, CPA, CMA 

Finance and Accounting Professional

Based in United Arab Emirates 


"I had a pleasure of having Randyl join us on one of our invite-only discussions. We brought him on to speak about Engineering Quality and he demonstrated his expertise and passion in this field. Randyl is a very personable individual and I would highly recommend him as a speaker and thought leader for future events and opportunities." 

Darren Wignadasan

Growth and Commercial 

Based in the United Kingdom 


"His exceptional leadership, strategic thinking, and emotional intelligence continue to demonstrate to both his teams and through training others. Randyl has a remarkable can-do attitude, balanced with a healthy dose of constructive reality that strengthens his ability to advise businesses and people on effective transformation." 

Maatia Rickard

Senior Manager, Consulting Operations

Based in United Kingdom 


"Randyl got a high feedback rating average of 4.91 (out of 5) from the participants of Blockchain Fundamentals. Overall, the session was perfectly delivered despite the short amount of time given. All feedbacks were positive." 

Elvin Mercader, CPA, CRISC

ISACA Manila Internal Auditor 

Based in the Philippines

Ewok's Unstoppable Ways of Thinking

Our unorthodox ways of facilitating, mentoring and coaching

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Show your Favourite Self 

You will learn how you can show your favourite self and make the most of your time. From self-image to social skills, you'll find inspiring content and helpful tips that will help you reach your goals and live your best life.


Reach and disciple the Lost

I recently found my way to Jesus Christ, and it will be a privilege for me to share the discipleship tools you need to bring God's love in everything you do, whether it be personal or professional. 


Engage a thought leader

From human-centered transformation to digital  transformation, let me know if you are looking to engage a thought leader or subject matter trainer or speaker for specific topics, and we can set up time for a call.


About Me

I am the Founder of R&J Learning Hub, maker of The Optimus Platform, an e-learning platform community with a mission of helping other people earn additional income by teaching or facilitating trainings while giving back to the community.

I am pursuing Executive MBA in Strategic Leadership at Valar Institute, a global business school in Quantic School of Business and Technology based in Washington D.C. I received the Strada Scholarship for Emerging Leaders, awarded to students who exhibit promising leadership ability. 

I also volunteer during my spare time to make use of my skills and experience. I am an active Campaigns Ambassador of Cancer Research UK based in London, and my goal is to help the organisation persuade our local MPs support our cancer campaign as part of their agenda.


T360 Global Thought Leaders with most read article

The Duke of York IDeA Enterprise Award

Thinkers 360 Global Top 10 Thought Leader in four categories

Change and Transformation Project of the Year 2021

Connected Consulting Project Team of the Year 2021

Audit Quality and Culture Award- Effective Coaching

Certificate of Academic Studies- Gestalt Psychotherapy

Executive Education in Platform Strategies with 100% rating

Master Programme in Digital Transformation Leadership

Philippine CPA 6th Placer Topnotcher

Summa cum Laude- BSC Financial Mgmt

Cum Laude- BS Accountancy


Blockchain Certificate for Accounting and Finance Professional

5-21 November 2022 

Professionals who earn this certificate badge can describe blockchain technology, cryptoassets and smart contracts foundational constructs, structure and functionality and the benefits and opportunities of each. Badge earners recognize risks, challenges, financial control considerations, regulatory concerns and governance related to blockchain implementations. These professionals can identify practical applications and use cases that would be of value to their client or organization.

2022 ISACA Faculty Summit: Blockchain

16 July 2022

The Faculty Summit brings together Teachers, Professors, and Instructors to meet, discuss and to create awareness on the basic concepts around various emerging technologies: Cloud Technology, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IOT), and showcase how it impact the community specifically the education sector from Luzon to the VizMin Regions. I was assigned to discuss Blockchain Tech and got a rating of 4.91 out of 5 stars.

Blockchain Fundamentals

06 April 2022

I am honoured to virtually meet with 150+ Accountancy students in one of the prestigious schools in the Philippines, and I can't wait to talk about Analytics and Blockchain Fundamentals.

Teaching the digital transformation space is my PASSION, and making a significant impact to our communities using this is my PURPOSE.

Digital Transformation

29 January 2022

I am honoured to virtually meet with the students of Ateneo de Davao University to discuss Digital Transformation and Emerging Technologies.